Welcome To Our Company

Welcome to The Metal Corporation of Australia; a prominent trader of the metal scrap. As a leading scrap metal merchant in Sydney, we are serving the domestic as well international market. With our services in the trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, we continue to be a renowned exporter with most affordable prices. Our prominent overseas markets are Bangladesh, China, Kenya, UAE, Malaysia, and Europe.

We are working with a complete compliance to the environmental safety standards. We are dealing with small-scale scrap collections, dealer network, as well larger organizations. Our state-of-the-art storage yards follow a complete procedure of segmentation and classification of the scrap metals. While we are industry leaders in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap trading, we also take up collection and supply of the e-waste. All types of industrial and household metal waste are supplied in Australia and also exported to other countries.

As we assemble and supply scrap of all types of the metals, we also offer the most productive ways of disposing the scrap metals. Our services is helping hundreds of industrial units to manage their scrap lawfully. All metal scrap including iron, steel, zinc, copper, aluminium, brass, and nickel are collected and further supplied to the consumers of the scrap metals. A large amount of valuable metal is thus, saved and re-used for the betterment of industries and environment.

Our skilled workers and quality examiners evaluate the scrap and segregate them into reusable and non-reusable categories. Hence, our clients are served as per their customized needs. The foundries and other industries are supplied scrap metal as per the need of their industry. As an established metal scrap trader, we are providing best solution for affordable raw material in form of metal waste for many industries. Our skilled trading in metal waste finds high level of scrap management with The Metal Corporation of Australia.

What We Do?

TMCA helps the community, industries, and the government through the trading of industrial and residential scrap metal. We provide cost-effective solutions for disposal of all types of metals. We buy all the items of any ferrous and non-ferrous metals which are totally obsolete, damaged or old. Our assembling team arranges a pick up from your factory premises and handle the scrap in a lawful manner.

We sell plain scrap, sorted and reprocessed scrap metals to the end-user industries. The collected scrap metal is brought to our yard and examined for the quality and re-usability. The scrap metal is segregated and supplied to foundries, construction, transportation, and other industries for further use. The product we supply is as per the customized need of the end-user industry. Besides being a leader in trading of metal wastes, we are also collecting e-waste generated in the homes and offices.

What We Offer?

Our products are a wide range of metal scrap and e-waste consisting different categories. The product categories are plain obsolete scrap, low-quality scrap metal, and high-quality recycled waste.


TMCA offer following products in customized quality and volume:
1. Shredded Scrap
2. Heavy Melting Scrap
3. All types of Ferrous scrap
4. Aluminium scrap
5. Other non-ferrous scraps like copper, zinc, and brass
6. E-waste derived from the scrap of computers, laptops, calculators, and other electronic items