The Metal Corporation of Australia is a prominent scrap management and scrap supplying services. The company is providing industrial scrap management. If you are an industrial manufacturing company generating scrap metal during the manufacturing or processing, TMCA is your best solution. TMCA engineers manage a customized solution to maximise the value of e-waste and other scrap metals. The optimum value of the waste metals is recovered through the efficient recycling process. The company is continuously striving to implement innovative processes for recycling scrap metals. We are also supplying metals produced from the recycling of the metal waste.

TMCA is one of the most reputed processed metal provider and processor in Australia. The processed and assembled goods are supplied throughout the world. The company also has a presence in Dubai and Bangladesh. A large number of reputed industrial scrap metal generating companies are associated with TMCA. The scrap metals are collected, assembled, and processed to supply in Australian states and around the world.

About TMCA Scrap Metal Management

The company works following industry protocols for scrap metal supply and recycling. A team of talented engineers at TMCA design a standard scrap processing program to realize the highest value out of the scrap metals.

The company is also specialized in recycling electronic waste. All the new metals or processed recovered through the recycling solutions are fulfilling needs of various industries. Die casting, assembly, and various other industries are supplied with high-grade scrap metals. All the scrap metal supply and reprocessing solutions are achieved skilfully. The safest environmental practices and industrial safety standards are maintained during the process. TMCA also contributes towards a good environmental and community conditions through removing impurities of the scrap metal. We see that our partners get maximum benefits by implementing our processes. We provide goods and processing solutions in the stipulated timeframe.

Products & Services

TMCA is offering industry scrap metal recovery solutions related to different types of metals. It also offers other industrial services like e-waste management:

• Non-Ferrous Metals like new tubes ends, copper pipes, batteries, radiators, gun metal etc.
• Ferrous metals like light iron scrap, heavy scrap, basic scrap, cast iron, and vehicle scraps
• E-waste management services
• Other industrial services related to scrap collection, management, and re-processing

We are fully equipped with all the equipment, machinery, plant, and personnel to manage all the operations. A standard set of procedures are employed by our team to ensure smooth functioning and quality supply of the goods and services:

Through scrap management from the time of its arrival at the site

• Safest handling of scrap after receiving
• Quality inspection