The Metal Corporation of Australia, popularly known as TMCA is a reputed refiner and exporter of high quality metals. The Australian company based in Sydney deals with valuable industrial metals like zinc, lead, magnesium, and aluminium. It also deals with all kinds of the scraps of the metals. The metals and metal scrap are exported in all the five continents of the globe.

The Global Presence of the company is made obvious by its goods exported in different countries like UAE, India, African countries, and Bangladesh. The company is also having its network in Asian countries like UAE and Bangladesh. The commodities supplied by TMCA are providing raw materials for various industries. The major industries served by our company are die casting, foundries, machining, packaging, assembling, and coating. TMCA, Australia is backed by its rich experience in management of the useful metals and recycling the metals. Besides high-grade metal commodities, the company delivers excellent customer service. Consistent quality and timely delivery are maintained while carrying out the supplies and recycling of the metals.

TMCA is also a wide network of secondary metal materials. The goods can be supplied as and when needed. The high-tech stock and inventory management system are maintained to ensure quick delivery of the required metal to our valued clients.

Scrap Metal Supply and Recycling Solutions

The company holds excellent skills in refining secondary metals. With careful refinement process, the secondary metals are tactfully transformed to good and even superior metals. The team of highly qualified engineers dilute the metals and remove impurities to bring out new metal. New metals are also added to create a new metal with approved specifications.

TMCA specializes in efficient metal management electronics recycling. Following metals are recycled and supplied from its primary operations in Sydney:

• Ferrous scrap metals
• Non-ferrous scrap metals
• Electronics goods scrap
• E-waste
• Other scrap metals

The Metal Corporation of Australia deals with hundreds of metal dealers and manufacturers. Industrial metal scraps are supplied as scrap metals. The scraps are also processed and supplied to recycled metal users. The company delivers consignments of scrap metals anywhere in the world. Its physical operation in Sydney is a state of the art processing and supplying facility for scrap metals.

Delivering high-grade scrap metals with expertise is our mission. TMCA is fulfilling its goals while serving various industries which use the recycled new metals and scrap metals:

• Consistent high-quality materials
• Timely delivery
• Bulk order fulfilment
• Understanding each industry like die casting, moulding, and coating
• Serving each industry as per customized needs
• Excellent customer service

The company dealing with metals is also providing recycling solutions for E-waste. With the abundant use of electronics in the day to day life and commercial spheres, e-waste management is a whole new concept. The company is providing recycling solutions for e-waste and also offers to remarket them. Processes used for recycling are environment-friendly and complying with the industry standards and local rules and regulations. For any of your need for metal recycling and scrap metals, contact TMCA, Sydney.