E-waste management is TMCA’s yet another segment offering a wide range of services in Australia and abroad. TMCA is a premium service provider and offering services for handling, collection, management, and reprocessing of the electronic waste. With the highly increased use of the electronics items like computers, mobiles, and laptops, e-waste management is one of the biggest challenges of the modern world. TMCA is a pool of talented engineers and electronics scrap processors. We serve our valuable clients for the recover, reduction, and recycling of the consumer electronics and commercial electronic items.

The handling methods are very well designed to utilise the discarded electronics and gadgets at their optimum level. The reuse through recovery, recycling, and direct refurbishment is carried out safely. The material thus recycled or recovered are then further redistributed to the industries using these materials as input. Value metals, plastics, and glass are recovered through safest eco-friendly ways and supplied to many countries.

E-Scrap Handling & Recycling

Electronic waste is generally old, damaged, and discarded electronic devices. It is mostly comprised of the waste generated from the office computers, other office equipment, home appliances, and consumer electronics and other gadgets. E-waste needs serious attention to prevent possible pollution and health-related issues. TMCA is offering most affordable solutions to dispose of the e-waste and recycle it.

Instead of discarding e-scrap haphazardly, it is advantageous to route it through an efficient scrap handling company like TMCA. Recycling process converts the waste into scrap metal of high value and reusable. The material produced through the recycling the e-scrap can be further used as raw materials by the specific industries. The recycling of the electronic waste is very significant as it helps in reducing waste and pollution. It is an important way of disposing of the e-waste for better environmental conditions.

Electronic Scrap

To help you better, we have listed here the types of the e-waste we receive for safe handling and recycling:

• Computers
• Laptops
• Computer accessories including mouse, keyboards
• Phones and mobiles
• Fax machines
• Copiers and Xerox machines
• Printers
• Speakers
• Scanners
• Television
• Washing machine
• Other electronic tools
• Cables

If you feel you are in need of discarding your e-waste in the most standard manner, contact our experienced team. We will discard or recycle your e-scrap in the best eco-friendly way in compliance with the international safety standards.

• Recycling process offers various advantages over the simple discarding of the materials:
• Scrap is transformed into re-usable raw material
• It reduced the amount of the electronic waste to the landfills
• Saves earth and environment
• Reduces pollution of land and water caused by informal handling of e-waste
• Avoid exposure of the hazardous substances in e-scrap and reduces contamination

TMCA also aim to help companies by providing affordable solutions for e-waste and metal waste management. It also contributes towards the best use of the waste metals through safe recycling processes. If you have metal scrap or electronic scrap, we are the best solution. We also supply scrap metal and recycled metals to various industries in different counties. We also have a wide network in countries like UAE and Bangladesh.