The Metal Corporation of Australia is a leading metal management company based in Sydney. It specializes in the ferrous as well non-ferrous scrap metals. The company deals with ferrous scrap metals recycling and e-waste recycling. All kinds of ferrous scrap including light iron scrap and heavy machinery and aircraft are efficiently managed by the company. TMCA is fully equipped with high quality cutting and breaking tools. The team of qualified engineers and technicians are continuously improvising the recycling techniques to generate high value scrap metals.

Ferrous scrap is largely comprised of iron and steel scrap. It is generated from the most of the end of life products which are obsolete or worn-out. These ferrous scrap metals are derived from the steel structures, household appliances, construction and farm equipment, automobiles, and other sources. Ferrous scrap is the most recycled material worldwide.

Ferrous Scrap Metal Recycling & Supply Solutions

While a very small part of the unprocessed ferrous scrap is directly used by consumers, most of the part is processed and recycled to regain its optimum value. TMCA’s scrapyards employ various processes like sorting, shredding, torching, and sharing to produce high grade ferrous scrap. Our facilities are able to handle small as well large iron and steel items. Ferrous scrap metals processed by us are developed as per the standard specifications for scrap commodities. Various grades of metal are processed like machinery cast foundry grade, and heavy melting steel.

Metal Recycling Process

Metal recycling is a prime industry now. We are providing scrapes to small and medium sized units as well large corporates and multinationals. The ferrous scrap metal recycling procedures include following phases:

• Inspection upon arrival
• Sorting
• Shredding
• Separation
• Shearing and cutting
• Baling

The company is receiving ferrous waste from industrial manufacturing units, metal dealers, and demolition firms. The received waste is recycled for resale considering all safety standards. The metals are then supplied to the end users like steel mills, foundries, metal brokers, and EAF mills.

Ferrous scrap metal supply and recycling is our specialization. Besides ferrous, we are also dealing with nonferrous and electronic waste. The metal scrap is supplied to various industries in different continents of the world. Our state of the art scrap recycling facility at Sydney is recognized for producing high grade processed scrap metals. Our goods and services are extended to various regions of Asia and Middle East. The company also holds a strong presence in the UAE market. High grade processing equipment like conveyors, sorters, magnets, and currents are used to carry out the conversion process.

TMCA, Australia is having a dedicated quality control team to evaluate the quality of the recycled metals. The processes used are ensured to be environmental friendly by removing the impurities of scrap metals in standard way. The procedures are safe and healthy to provide clean atmosphere to the community surrounding the facility. The company is established with an aim of providing safe scrap metal and recycling solutions to various industries.

With high grade material and timely delivery, TMCA is a renowned scrap metal supplier and processor for the ferrous scrap metals in Australia.