TMCA is a leading scrap metal management company with extensive experience in collection and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. All kinds of metal scraps are exported to Asia, Middle East, and Europe from our facility based in Sydney. While we specialize in managing ferrous scrap, we also offer expert scrap management solutions for non-ferrous metal waste.

Our state of the art facility in Sydney allow us to provide high-grade feedstock to the foundries. We are expert in generating high-value scrap. All kinds of nonferrous scrap including arsenic, ferro-alloys, aluminium, tin, and zinc are received at our end.

Nonferrous Metals Scrap Recycling Solutions

The major non-ferrous metals like aluminium, lead, copper, tin, zinc, and others do not lose their properties in the recycling process. The nonferrous metals are also capable of getting recycled for multiple times.

We have processed a large volume of nonferrous scrap for various industries. A wide range of commercial, consumer, and industrial units are relying on us for their non-ferrous scraps. Whether it is aluminium sliding, automobile batteries, containers, tins, metal circuitry, motor vehicle parts and many other metal scraps are dealt by us. The recycled scrap is further reached to the end-users like industrial units, and foundries. The nonferrous scrap offers an eco-friendly and energy-saving input for new productions.

All Types of Non Ferrous Metal Scrap Management

There are ample of different kinds of copper and its alloys that use other metals to form metal alloys. We can manage and recycle all the categories of copper and copper alloy scraps:

• Copper
• High copper alloys
• Copper nickels
• Bronzes
• Brass
• Special alloys
• Leaded coppers

Our team of talented engineers and scrap processors quickly identify all types of copper and copper alloys. The products are recycled to generate high grade usable metals for specific uses.

Types of Non-Ferrous Scrap

All the following non-ferrous scrap metals are received by TMCA for best management and processing solutions:

• Aluminium metal scraps
• Shredded metals
• Copper cables
• Miscellaneous copper scrap
• Bronze scrap generated from machinery and its parts
• Stainless steel sheets, bars, plates, pipes, tubes, and other materials
• Electric motor waste (from various electric appliances, industrial electric motors, and car starters)

The Metal Corporation of Australia is your best partner for handling all your metal scraps. By using our recycling and scrap management services, you can contribute towards a safe and healthy community surroundings. Our handling and recycling of the metals are carried out by employing environment-friendly procedures. The scrap metals and recycled metals are checked by our quality control team before delivering to the related industrial units.

TMCA is Australia’s leading recycling company and an industry leader in non-ferrous scrap handling. It is generally expensive and difficult to produce non-ferrous scrap recycling metals. If you need to handle your industrial scrap efficiently, rely on our experienced company. We offer affordable scrap management solutions well in terms of the local regulations and environments. Our goal is also to fulfil scrap metal demands of the world in all different segments.